My name is Bojan Wilytsch. I’m a Frontend Developer with a background in Product Design, boasting over 4 years of experience with React (Next.js). I mainly work in TypeScript, prototype with C# (Unity), and am currently expanding my skills by learning Rust.

Professional Experience

Formatted StudioFounder & Software EngineerApr 2023 → present
MoonPay LtdSenior Frontend EngineerApr 2022 → Mar 2023
FnaticCreative TechnologistSep 2019 → Nov 2020
FitXRProduct Design MangaerApr 2020 → Mar 2022
Meta Reality LabsProduct Designer & Prototyper (XR)May 2017 → May 2019
Google Inc.Product Designer & PrototyperApr 2016 → Mar 2017
Fantasy InteractiveDesignerOct 2014 → Mar 2015

Founder at Formatted Studio Ltd

  • April 2023 → present
  • ◆ London, United Kingdom & Munich, Germany

Skills: TypeScript, React, NextJS, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, NestJS, AI, XR, C# (Unity)

Founded Formatted Studio to tackle intricate challenges in spatial and human interface design, drawing upon eight years of industry experience.

Collaborated with esteemed clients such as Snap Inc, Oculus, Meta Reality Labs, and Google, demonstrating expertise in design, prototyping, and consulting to craft immersive experiences that captivate and inspire.

Specialise in resolving OS and platform-level challenges, leveraging expertise to develop powerful productivity tools that streamline workflows.

Senior Frontend Developer at MoonPay Ltd

  • May 2022 → Mar 2023
  • ◆ London, United Kingdom

Skills: TypeScript, React, NextJS, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, NestJS

Joined the NFT team with a primary focus on backend development. Contributed to the enhancement and expansion of existing services and features while introducing new ones.

Facilitated partner integrations with Opensea, ENS, and MagicEden, contributing to the seamless integration of these platforms with our services.

I leveraged MoonPay’s GitBook documentation to streamline DX and Partner Onboarding by creating an Embedding solution for OpenAI’s API and a chat-like user interface.

Deployed the MoonPay smart contract on the Avalanche blockchain and extended existing services to support ENS domains, collaborating closely with a team to ensure successful implementation.

Implemented a new payment method, GBP Open Banking, into our payment flow, enhancing payment options for users, and conducted multiple performance A/B tests to improve conversion rate and user experience.

Product Design Manger at FitXR

  • Nov 2020 → Apr 2022
  • ◆ London, United Kingdom

Skills: AR/VR, User Experience Design, Visual Design, Leadership, Marketing & Branding

Orchestrated the company’s most ambitious design and product endeavour to date, leading a large cross-functional team comprised of product managers, QA testers, and engineers. Collaborated closely with the CTO to design and develop FitXR’s UI Framework v1.0, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives.

Effectively managed expectations and regularly presented progress updates to C-level executives and stakeholders, demonstrating strong leadership and communication skills.

Successfully transitioned the product from a standalone game to a subscription-based live service, significantly enhancing its market presence and revenue potential.

Pioneered the development of the company’s very first Design System, grounded in robust design principles and structured according to the Atomic Design System methodology.

Spearheaded the growth and development of a multidisciplinary design team, fostering a culture of innovation and exploration within the internal R&D space. Explored future input methods such as AI, hands, and voice to drive forward-looking product enhancements.

Creative Technologist at Fnatic

Skills: JavaScript, React, NextJS, Gatsby, Sanity CMS, Storybook

  • Sep 2019 → Nov 2020
  • ◆ London, United Kingdom

Engineered the company’s first design system utilising React, Next.js, and styled-components, seamlessly integrated across various company products and services, including brand and e-commerce sites, catering to thousands of unique monthly users. Documented in Storybook.

Spearheaded the successful launch of the new .com site during the 2020 re-brand, employing cutting-edge technologies such as React, Gatsby, and GraphQL to deliver a dynamic and visually appealing user experience.

Took charge of the conception, design, and development of a retro-inspired browser game aimed at boosting user engagement during the holiday season, resulting in over 310,000+ unique games played and fostering positive brand interaction.

Innovatively developed an Instagram AR filter using Spark AR, leveraging emerging technologies to enhance user interaction and brand visibility across social media platforms.

Product Designer & Prototyper for XR at Meta (formerly Oculus)

Skills: C# (Unity), AR/VR, User Experience Design, Visual Design, Leadership

  • May 2017 → May 2019
  • ◆ London, United Kingdom

Led design for Oculus Browser, creating VR experiences. Contributed to 360 British Museum WebXR project, highlighting VR’s cultural potential. This exercise aimed to push the boundaries of what is possible with the internally developed React VR.

Established a comprehensive design system and best practices for VR applications, which were subsequently adopted by multiple teams across various projects at Oculus and Meta, ensuring consistency and efficiency in design workflows.

Led the prototyping of proof-of-concepts for human interaction in VR, contributing to the exploration of the future of work in augmented reality (AR) and VR environments.

Presented UI and interaction concepts at internal events, including high-level engagements with C-level leadership in AR/VR, effectively communicating vision and strategy to key stakeholders within the organisation.

Product Designer & UX Engineer at Google Inc

Skills: React, Redux, GSAP, Material UI, User Experience, Visual Design

  • Aug 2016 → Mar 2017
  • ◆ Munich, Germany

Contract Role

Spearheaded the design and development of corporate applications customised for internal use at Google, with the potential for adaptation to enterprise products.

Conducted thorough prototyping of intricate UI and UX concepts, facilitating user research initiatives and ensuring alignment with user needs and preferences.

Demonstrated leadership in driving the design and development process, collaborating closely with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality solutions that met internal requirements and standards.

Leveraged expertise in UI/UX design to create intuitive and visually appealing interfaces, enhancing user experience and productivity within the corporate environment.

Designer at Fantasy Interactive

Tech: TypeScript, React, NextJS, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, NestJS

  • Oct 2014 → Oct 2015
  • ◆ San Francisco, USA

Engaged in client-based projects for a range of global companies, crafting visually captivating web experiences for renowned brands including Adobe, Facebook, Google, Lufthansa, and many others.

Programming Languages

Typepscript/Javascript, Rust, and C# (Unity).



Typescript, React, TailwindCSS, Radix UI, GraphQL, REST, ThreeJS, Next.js, more.


Typescript, Node.js, GraphQL, REST, PostgreSQLAWS, Terraform, Git, CI/CD



Displaying Virtual Interaction Objects to a User on a Reference Plane

1x Developer AwardsAwwwards
2x Site of the DayAwwwards
1x Site of the DayCSSDesignAwards


Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication Design
  • 2008 → 2012
  • ◆ Augsburg, Germany

University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg.


German (native), English (fluent)